Welcome to the most important Cookbook in the world!

The lure of the take-away and ready meal will be strong for many who are leaving home for the first time. This pull must be resisted.

With a little effort you can knock up a quick meal in less time than it takes to get something delivered and it can’t be a bad thing to know what has gone into your meal before it goes into you.

This student cookbook shows that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated; it should be enjoyable and experimental. This is not a book about ‘lardons and langoustines’, it’s about the basics. This is about starting your journey to freedom. Freedom from the fast food haunt, freedom from the corner shop’s ‘special’ and freedom from the exorbitant prices of the local ‘just opened’ boutique cafe. So dive in, it’s much easier than you think and while you’re cooking take on board all the other stuff in the book, from how to hypnotize a chicken to a list of the world’s best beaches, it’s all in here. Read the tips, sample the recipes, change the recipes, do whatever you like to the recipes, just get off your arse and.........................cook something!!!

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