Prime Minister E. David Burt

Published 14th December 2019

 Had to wear a number of hats this evening as I needed to get some great portraiture as well as some media images. 

Mr E David Burt Premier of Bermuda

Access Business Coaching

Published 23rd November 2019

Really nice to meet Brian and shoot some promotional material for him. Time was short but we decided to make use of the autumn sunshine and managed to get some great shots. 

Brian Bluett Headshot

London School of Trends

Published 10th November 2019

Nice to spend the day in the studio, photographing final show pieces for graduates from the London School of Trends.

Sara Corker Design

Little Bat 

Published 18th October 2019

This afternoon we were in Islington at Little Bat, another venue of cocktail joy from the those behind the wonderful Callooh Callay.

Little Bat Islington

Milk and Honey 

Published 10th October 2019

Great to be shooting for this Soho institution, it really is a hidden gem of a place!

Milk and Honey Booth

Callooh Callay

Published 5th October 2019

Great to be back in Shoreditch again shooting promotional content for the fabulously eccentric and quirky, Lewis Carroll themed Calloh Callay.

CC Shoreditch seating

Oval Space

Published 27th September 2019

We loved shooting at this really progressive thinking conference event at the Oval Space this week. Absolutely fascinating and optimistic, with speakers advising as to how to make businesses like clubs more environmentally sustainable.

Oval Green Event

Pink Magic at the Exhibitionist Hotel

Published 25th September 2019

Spent a fun evening shooting Olga Lomakas talk, drinks and signing at the Exhibitionist Hotel in South Ken.

Olga lomaka

Bridge Theatre

Published 20th September 2019

A couple of us went to this fabulous theatre about six months ago so it was so lovely to be asked to take some photographs of it the other day. Not only is it a great venue but it’s view of Tower Bridge is stunning.

Bridge Theatre

Mac & Wild

Published 8th September 2019

With virtual shooting and a whiskey bar in the basement think we’ll definitely be back at a later date.

Mac&Wild Table

International Student House

Published 10th August 2019

Spent a really lovely couple of days here shooting online and brochure content. It’s a great place and certainly very different to my memories of student accommodation!

Inter Sch Stage

Bloomsbury Hotel

Published 6th July 2019

Spent a day at this gem of a hotel right in the heart of London. It’s recently been refurb’ed and the bold new styling with deco shape is gorgeous!

Bloomsbury Bar

30 Pavilion Road

Published 2nd June 2019

Todays location - a Knightsbridge townhouse with gorgeous Georgian decor and style, frequented by Liz Taylor and Richard Burton back in the day.

Pavilion Entrance Hall

Eyes Down for a Full House

Published 25th May 2019

On location in the City at Dabbers Bingo. Two Fat Ladies, Kelly’s Eye, great food and cocktails....what more do you want in a night out?

Dabbers Bingo Ball

Product Shoot

Published 14th April 2019

Over to West London today shooting still life.

Sara hat and clock


Published 3rd April 2019

Coffee like Guinness.....really!?!

Nitro coffee in a can

Pink Magic

Published 27th March 2019

Great afternoon shooting at the Exhibitionist Hotel with the very talented Olga Lomaka.

Artist Olga Lomaka at the Exhibitionist


Published 23rd March 2019

Literally just finished shooting the packshot, went to get a coffee and this happened...


Published 15th March 2019

Lovely morning exploring the event spaces of 58VE. 

03 19 58VE


Published 11th March 2019

Great to spend a couple of hours getting acquainted with this Urban winery. Fabulous location, in the shadow of Battersea Power Station, and brilliant concept. What can be better than wine, English or otherwise, straight from the barrel! 

Vagabond restaurant

St Pancras

Published 8th February 2019

Miserable old day outside today so felt very smug being inside the fab St Pancras Brasserie with the lovely people from Searcys.

St Pancras Sir John and boy

Coffee Time

Published 25th January 2019

It’s funny how coffee does actually taste better out of a nice cup!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Published 14th December 2018

It was Christmas time in the work house, the merriest time of year, when I got a phone call to take some interiors of the Crystal.......Christmas full of happy surprises!


Published 15th November 2018

So lovely to be able to wander around the streets of Belgravia this afternoon. We were on our way to the restaurant at The Hari to shoot some of their menu dishes. I hadn’t been here before and found it absolutely delightful. The staff were incredibly warm and helpful, the setting chic and the food delish!

Hari dessert and wine


Published 9th September 2018

Nice to be inside today - shooting interiors at Proud.

Proud 4 9 18


Published 10th September 2018

Hadn’t worked in Spring Studios before but will def be back - really great place!

Studio shoot bts

Factory 45

Published 30th July 2018

Factory 45 - what a fab funky little spot! Also amazed to see all the changes going on at Elephant and Castle that I’d been unaware of until going to the shoot today. 

Factory 45 studio 2018

Slovenia Road Trip

Published 19th July 2018

Just got back from a 2 week trip to Slovenia..... it maybe small but it packs one hell of a punch - what a country!

Slovenian church 2

Pack shots

Published 5th July 2018

Drove to Bletchingly today for a product shoot with the lovely Sara Corker. The shots were to update her website, she wanted an uncluttered lighter look to complement the scents of her products. Busy day, happy client!

Sara Corker pack shot


Published 18th June 2018

Spent today conference covering in the capital; from group discussions to headshots to CEO portraits. Packed, but really enjoyable day!

Regeneris talking group


Published 3rd May 2018

In the studio this morning shooting perhaps one our most favourite products!! And, FYI, an evening gin and tonic, thanks to its antioxidant fuelled juniper berries, apparently helps boost regenerating body cells and so helps keep skin looking young and healthy!!

Interior Design

Published 28th April 2018

Always love a day out by the seaside and today, photographing for Sara Corker design, was no exception. Ramsgate, especially in the sunshine, is delightful and working with Sara et al. gorgeous.


Published 5th February 2018

What a talent, what a player, what a man, what more can you say?

Mo Salah blog


Published 30th October 2017

Although possibly mostly known for not being Nambia, Namibia is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth! The dunes, the landscapes, the light - jaw droppingly stunning. Take a look at a few of the pics and then just GO!

Sossu trees

Dead Trees 1

Dead Trees 2

Elephant road sign

Namibian morning

Namibian road


Amidst the Chaos there is Chocolate

Published 10th October 2017

Completely delicious day shooting for the fabulous Chief Chocolate Officer. Chocolate paired with wine ........I think we have discovered the meaning of life!

Summer in the City

Published 10th July 2017

Summer vibes working at the Blue Fin with London Filmed and Halfords.

Drinks at the party


Published 3rd June 2017

Thoroughly enjoyable day working at a strategy and visualisation conference, which culminated in our being shown how easy it is to have your phone hacked - so interesting (and worrying!).

A photo fo the view

France, inside and out

Published 30th May 2017

"Boy, those French. They have a different word for everything." - Steve Martin

Summer Event

Published 28th May 2017

Great day with London Filmed at this B2B summer event. Seriously didn’t know there were so many things you can book for an event!

Gerraro and chef

Royal Festival Hall

Published 21st April 2017

I have only ever been here for concerts when it’s completely banged out, but today we had access all areas for our shoot and could really appreciate its modernist architecture to the full. The sense of space is incredible and the cantilevered boxes (which really do look like pulled out drawers) just beautiful!

Royal Festival Hall blog

Rockin’ It!

Published 3rd April 2017

Had a great time with the lovely Ruxim photographing and designing the artwork for his new EP!

Fashion in the Park

Published 29th March 2017

The weather wasn’t great but everything else was! Everyone really enjoyed this mornings fashion shoot just behind Little Venice.

Girl on swings blog

All the World’s a Stage

Published 28th March 2017

Gorgeous afternoon spent seeing theatre from a different perspective at the stunning London Palladium.

Palladium blog

Delicious Edacious Vegan Street Food 

Published 15th March 2017

Never actually contemplated becoming vegan before but today’s shoot for Edacious has really given us food for thought!

Take it to the Bridge

Published 27th February 2017

Saturday night, top of Tower Bridge, glass floor, Tiggs da Author....awesome!

T d Author bw blog

T d Author blog

Give Us a Wave!

Published 16th February 2017

Well it may not have the crowds of 2012 but the London Aquatics Centre is still pretty spectacular. Had a fab morning photographing this place inside and out.

Aquatic Centre exterior

Aquatic Centre interior

Fashion on the Heath

Published 8th February 2017

Chilly but excellent day at the pergola on Hampstead Heath.

Hampstead fash 500

You’re Kidding Me!

Published 6th February 2017

Fabulous morning in Paddington photographing clothes for Adams Kids.

Adams Kids red dress

An Evening at Madame Tussauds 

Published 7th December 2016

Loved getting down and dirty with the celebs at Madame Tussaud’s - great fun!

Madame Tussauds

A Spoonful of Sugar

Published 5th November 2016

Spent the evening with Mark Wright, the ‘most successful’ apprentice to date, his mentor and other industry giants talking to budding entrepreneurs about how to get their ideas ‘out there’. Great event, great photographs!

Alan Sugar talks

You’d Better Belize It!

Published 23rd October 2015

Just seen the pics from a Pete’s Belize photo assignment - what a place! It may be small but with one foot in the Central American jungles and the other in the Caribbean Sea it is perfectly formed. Listening to rales of late night, rum fuelled tales of jaguars, temples and tarantulas has def moved it up our travel wish list.

Belize pier blog


Published 8th October 2016

Great shoot, at a great location with some great and talented people!

Girl sofa 500

Girl in Leopard skin coat

Top Day

Published 3rd December 2015

Great, if busy, day working with some really lovely fashion designers on our Topshop shoot.

Girl in black coat blog


Published 15th February 2016

Well, decided to go somewhere different for a coffee and went to 'God's Own Junk Yard' in Walthamstow. What a place - crazy, spectacular neonic mayhem that just makes you smile!!!

Foyles of London say "Yes!" to No Flambooki

Published 10th August 2015

Foyles are now stocking Cook No Flambooki and who could blame them, it's got to be the greatest student cookbook of all time!!

foyles say "yes"

The best, most greatest, salad in the entire world.

Published 5th August 2015

It's Uncle Richard's birthday today, so it's happy birthday to him - and by way of celebration we're all having the best salad every made in the entire world. You just have to check this out.

Quinoa and Wild Rice Salad

(Click here for Quinoa and wild rice salad recipe)

The sun's out but its not summer yet.

Published 18th March 2015

The presenters on the radio made a lot of the sunshine this morning. They evoked a warm and wonderful day that made getting out of bed easier, a success in the world of 'morning radio presenters' I would imagine. But waiting at the bus stop I was quickly reminded that this ain't no summers day, so gone are any thoughts of salads and I'm firmly back thinking, warm pasta comfort food.

smoked salmon and cream pasta

(Click here for smoked salmon and cream pasta recipe)

Salsa hey! Salsaaaa!!

Published 20th February 2015

I love coming home on the bus with Alejandro he's always so, up. He woke up on Monday to discover that his roof had leaked and his bedroom was now a wet room. On Wednesday his car wouldn't start and he needed to get to Birmingham on business. Thursday he sprained his wrist helping his mother-in-law with her shopping and today his boss told him that he would have to cancel his planned holiday due to a new contract. So what is Alejandro going to do this weekend? He's going DANCING! He told me that before he goes dancing he always eats salsa. He quickly ran through his favourite recipe for me before jumping up at his stop. It sounded great but I needed to know what he recommended to go with it. He stopped at the doors and then shuffled and danced back to me, he bent slowly forward from the waist and with a straight spine, shoulders back and his chin up, he looked deep into my eyes and said "a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g......"

(Click here for Alejandro's salsa recipe)

Tomato Salsa on board

New website? It's cupcake time!

Published 19th February 2015

We're all really excited about the new website and to celebrate Nicky made cupcakes. Now we're all excited about those - oh how fickle we are!!.


Cup cakes on slate

When you hear Pancakes do you see Crepes?

Published 17th February 2015

Make your own mind up.

(Click here for pancakes or click here for crepes)

pancake and crepes with type

Pete's Back!!

Published 23th February 2015

Pete's back from his trip to Morocco. He promises loads more photographs and lots of recipes involving lamb - can't wait!


The chicken joke that left me headless!

Published 10th February 2015

I sat next to a guy on the bus today who told me a joke. He said, "Why did the Roman chicken cross the road? Because she was afraid someone would grab her!" He then laughed until he got off, which was thankfully only the next stop. I didn't really get it but I smiled to stay friendly. It wasn't until we had said our goodbyes and he'd got off, that a girl behind me lent forward and said " it's Caesar, he was meant to say Caesar, the Roman chicken was afraid that someone would Caesar" that I finally laughed.

(Click here for a recipe that's better than the joke!)


Happy Birthday Pete!!

Published 6th February 2015

Happy birthday Peeeetee!! Have a great weekend - there's some Rocky Road in the fridge with your name on it. The recipes straight out of the book of course!!!!!

Rocky Road with decorations

Stilton cheese

Published 27th January 2015

So here's what we found out about the lovely Stilton Cheese today.

Broccoli and Stilton soup (click here to see the recipe.)

Stilton cheese farm list

Peanut, Man!

Published 22nd January 2015

I was waiting for the bus this afternoon when the guy next to me asked me if I wanted a peanut to fend off the cold. I can't remember the last time I had a peanut, on its own, straight out of the tin but I do know, that I've never eaten one to 'fend off the cold'. When I asked the guy what he meant he completely ignored me, he just looked the other way. I waited another twenty minutes for the bus and I was frozen solid by the time it arrived! When I got home I made these and I'm going to take them to work tomorrow with the hope that I can repay the favour to the peanut man, cos this, is how peanuts should be eaten.

Peanut crunchie bites (click here to see the recipe.)

salted peanut chrunchie bites

Another quote from Cook No Flambooki

Published 20th January 2015

 Happy Birthday Federico!! Always!!

Fellini pasta and magic quote

Porridge with a thivel

Published 16th January 2015

 I sat next to a bloke on the bus last night who was holding a stick. When I asked him what it was for he told me it wasn’t a stick it was a thivel?! He said that he uses his stick, sorry thivel, to break down lumps in his oatmeal. This fascinating bloke went on to tell me that this was how things were done to make porridge before rolled oats came along. When he got to his stop he leant over and whispered ‘The thivel on the pottage pan, shall strick my hour to rise’. WTF!!

Porridge (click here to see the recipe.)

porridge with banana and blueberries

Found in Soho

Published 14th January 2015

CNF found in Soho

Lunch in Soho got particularly exciting today when we noticed that the table opposite had their own copy of Cook No Flambooki!!

Unusual uses for a potato - help from Cook No Flambooki

Published 12th January 2015

unusual potato uses

.....and you thought they were just for chips!?!?

Happy New Year

Published 7th January 2015

Pen drawing of swimmers

The rain's gone and the sun's out and we're already thinking of summer and swimming......

Christmas starts with Eggnog

Published 23rd December 2014

Eggnogg in a glass with a candle

I was waiting for the bus the other day and got chatting to an old dear about Christmas. She was telling me how she doesn't consider her Christmas has begun until she has drunk her first eggnog. Never having heard of it I did a bit of research and found out that not only does it date back to about the 14th century, probably originates in East Anglia but also over 13,000 people like it on facebook. So I decided to give it a go.....(click here to see the recipe.)

No Flambooki design 'Sweet Monster' logo

Published 20th December 2014


With the party season now truly on us, No Flambooki were asked to come up with a logo and packaging proposals for a line of retro sweet gifts and the "Sweet Monster" was the winning design. We would particularly like to thank Hayley at who not only eased away our stresses during the design process with her expert pilates instruction but also supported the range which she gave as seasonal gifts to her staff and clients. 

Egg, Hummus and Sweet Chilli

Published 10th December 2014

Egg Hummus Salad on Toast Blog

I was waiting for the bus this morning when I overheard someone say that a chicken is the closest relative to a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I looked it up and they're right, but who gives a 7 kilo coprolite about that on a day like this?!?! What you really need to know is how to poach a good egg and create something delicious with it...................Egg, Hummus and Sweet Chilli (click here to see the recipe.)


Published 3rd December 2014

Grazia recommendation of Cook No Flambooki

Well, there you have it, Grazia say Cook No Flambooki is a "must have" - so if you haven't already got one for yourself, or as a pressie for someone else, you have to now, right?!?!
One more thing - Grazia, for a pound? Now thats a bargain. What a mag! WHAT A BOOK!!

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